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Jan Fortune, Envoi, Feb 2015


FANTASTIC NEWS !!  In both senses of the word…

Fair Acre Press is publishing   JOHN SIDDIQUE  !!!

Called ELEMENTAL – it will be out in the spring of 2016. 

For more information – look under BOOKS


Fair Acre Press will be publishing four other very exciting authors in 2016 too!!

We will launch a public poetry project called MALIGNED SPECIES in October 2015. From October for ten weeks there will blogs and podcasts posted on the website, and social media – from 4 ecologists and 9 poets – on the subjects of :

Spiders   Frogs   Stinging Nettles   Grey Squirrels

and you will be invited to write poems, and submit them for four poetry Ebooks that will be launched in February 2016. This is a free opportunity open to everyone aged 12 and over.

PLUS submissions are open for our Inaugural International Poetry Pamphlet Competition throughout November 2015. This will be judged, solely, by JONATHAN EDWARDS ! (this year’s Costa Poetry Prize winner)

FAIR ACRE PRESS is having, behind the scenes, a new website designed – and so you won’t be able to see how to submit for either Maligned Species or our Poetry Pamphlet Competition – at the moment.

We will announce the other 4 authors that we will be publishing in 2016, as and when each book cover is designed !!


The sun is shining and the grass is green. No fence in sight !!


This is one of the most delightful ‘green’ poetry projects I have heard of in recent years Carol Ann Duffy on Shropshire Butterflies

Nothing is ordinary in these poems  Philip Gross on Mending the Ordinary

A little book of songs – all in the easy voice of a natural poet   Gillian Clarke on Mending the Ordinary

A whimsical and unashamedly intimate pamphlet from the first line  Envoi on The Grandpa Years

I am hugely impressed. By concentrating on the small things, really looking at them, they have managed to articulate something enormous  Katrina Porteous on Road Kill

A collaborative collection, the two poetry sequences..are given added depth and resonance by Peter Tinkler’s darly mythic opening sequence of exquisitely produced illustrations..This is a deeply satisfying, layered work that will bear rereading.       Envoi  on Through the Woods

It is intriguing to read through the little magnifying glass. It is a handsome production and will make people look more closely and investigate for themselves  Roger Garfitt on Lawn Lore

Due to the terrifically high production values this volume successfully brings a piece of the past into the home, whilst inside the poets explore Brookes’ very personal, local legacy with depth, intelligence and wit. Tom Wentworth  on William Penny Brookes

A gloriously immersive multi-sensory experience exploring time and space poetically and intellectually, with stunning visuals and a soundscape truly made from the music of the spheres. A delightful fusion of the arts and cosmology. I came out mind-expanded by our e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g universe.. Kaite O’Reilly on e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g: The History of the Universe in 45 minutes



Fair Acre Press is an independent publishing house. It is committed to publishing high quality books and pamphlets that are good to hold, touch, look at and read; books that will call out to you – over and over again.

Its editor, Nadia Kingsley, is interested in:

Science, the Natural World generally, Shropshire in particular

Poetry, prose, photography, art, craft

Finding new audiences and giving those audiences something new

Collaborations – between Sciences and Arts, and between the Arts

  Publication is by invitation only. For press enquiries, review copies, author interviews etc please contact Nadia at fairacrepress@gmail.com